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GSS is a licensed and insured contractor offering many services to guide you in new designs or repairs of your outdoor living.  GSS offers Pet Screens, No See-Um Screen, Pet Doors, Window Screens and Pressure Cleaning.

Screen Enclosures

Enjoy outdoor living without the annoyance of insects or roaming creatures as well as protecting you outdoor furniture and protecting you and your family from UV lights.

Pool Enclosures

Pool enclosures block out unpleasant elements, leaving you more time to relax while keeping dirt out. Pool enclosures also reduce algae growth, reduce chemical and water evaporation, and even save you money on energy costs.


A lanai will give you an outdoor, screened-in space that prevents  pests from being able to reach you and bite you. Lanais also help to keep away bugs and flies that will annoyingly buzz in your face and food.

Screening Repair

Your windows are  likely viewed most by outsiders and can be a real eye sore if screens are damaged not to mention allowing bugs and debris in your home or on your windows.  Having damaged screens can make the impression that you do not care for your home or business.


  By choosing to  ​re-screen your patio or pool enclosure you will help carry on the aesthetic value or you home while keeping bugs and unwanted leaves and debris.

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